February 25, 2014

jeweled brides - Part II

The next Merrick Jewels featured bride is my dear friend, Anne. Seeing as I was 36+ weeks pregnant for her wedding, I was unable to attend this heartfelt down to earth celebration. From the invitations to the rings, you can tell Anne and Chris connect with the living world around us. I mean who else would invite guests to camp out after the reception?! Fun right?? (I was really looking forward to this, no seriously). So, to fill my absence I worked with Anne to create a piece of jewelry that would compliment her organic style. 

She naturally gravitated to these soft smokey gray (with a hint of lilac) coin pearls. Even with all of their imperfections, they are so beautiful. I hand-knotted three strands of the pearls finishing with a pave marcasite and sterling silver clasp. The bracelet was a lovely compliment to her frothy grecian goddess gown. What a beaming bride...

Anne, you are stunning. Congrats!

February 12, 2014

i'm fasting / update

You don't know what you really don't need until you really can't buy it. I thought y'all would be interested to know how the financial fast went since my original post was one of the more viewed posts that I've written. I'm sure some of you were thinking it was a food fast and were super curious how our household held up since I'm pretty sure I'd be a hangry terror. Nope. We fasted from plastic, dollar bills, and the completely unnecessary and I'm so glad we did!

February 05, 2014

jeweled brides - Part I

With Valentine's Day around the corner it's a perfect time to set up a couple warm and fuzzy posts showcasing some Merrick Jewels brides. Seeing these beauties makes me want to get married all over again (with the same man y'all) and beef up my hardware. 

Not that a single strand of freshwater pearls for your wedding day is not beautiful I've just worn bigger pieces of jewelry to the grocery store.  Need. to. represent. 

Jennifer got married in late December in Sugarland, TX. Labeled rustic chic (think crystals, mercury glass votives in a rodeo arena with pulled pork mashed potatoes, YUM) she killed it in not just one Merrick Jewels necklace but TWO. You lucky girl. This necklace is hand knotted faceted navy glass beads with buttery velvet bow and vintage rhinestone pendant. She actually wore this necklace as her "party piece" for the reception (I told her this one was more danceable and the girl likes to dance) but these pictures are from her gorgeous bridals. 

The other necklace for the ceremony is oldie but a goodie. As one of my first big statement necklaces that I made after starting full-time, this one is always a stunner. Vintage hammered gold chain with carefully curated one of-a-kind vintage rhinestone pieces make this necklace sparkle. I could see it all the way from the back row of the church. Bravo. 

Beaming bride after the ceremony...

Same necklace on the cover of Indulge magazine in September 2009

Congrats John and Jennifer! What a gorgeous couple!

If you're looking for your own one of-a-kind piece for your big event email me at merrick@merrickjewels.com and let's start planning!! 

January 29, 2014

vintage 101

I've had a love for vintage jewelry for quite some time. That's part of the reason why I became a jewelry designer. When incorporating vintage pieces in my designs, sometimes it is very hard to give them up (which has led to starting a little collection of my own). Since buying vintage seems to be the soup du jour, I thought I would write some tips on collecting and tidbits of things I've learned along the way.

January 27, 2014

i'm fasting

I hope you guys don't mind me going off topic a little bit from jewelry/fashion to finances. I know that when you think of fasting you imagine giving up sweets, sodas, or dare I say CHEESE!?!? I've participated in a few fasts for my Faith and they're never easy (call me a drama queen but the cheese one almost killed me) but they manage to always be a positive experience and refresh the way I think about my lifestyle and the world around me. This year I've got my sights on a "spending fast". I'm not going to go into the spirituality aspect of fasting for this post but I wanted to start a conversation about it and at least make myself accountable for what's coming up. Our family is starting our spending fast today. 

So really, what is a spending fast? In my opinion, a spending fast is a way to separate your needs and your wants by refraining for a certain length of time from buying anything that is not absolutely necessary. There are a lot of details that you can customize for your situation - mostly the length of the fast, what you consider to be your needs vs. wants, and the overall purpose. I'll break down some simple steps to start you on your way. 

Define the length. Since we like throwing the plastic around, we've decided to not bite off more than we can chew and start with a 2 week fast. It's enough to be challenging but not totally rock our worlds. We're wimps. Anna from And Then We Saved went on a 15 month fast and managed to pay of $24,000 worth of debt. Now that's impressive. 

Define your needs vs. wants. For us our needs include: rent, utilities, insurance, food (we plan to eat as much from our pantry as possible and only buy ingredients that we need to complete recipes plus staples like milk/bread/eggs are OK), cell phone/internet/cable, diapers, anything medical related, and gas. 

Wants include: shopping (clothes, electronics, home goods, knick knacks etc. etc.), iTunes, Amazon, unnecessary items for our son, movies. 

Lastly, define your purpose and goals. For us the purpose is not only to create more robust savings but to reboot how we think about material things and how fortunate to live where we live and have what we have. Sometimes you get smothered by the sheer volume of all the things around you that each individual loses its luster. Maybe it's time to get excited about the things we already own, go through junk piles, and pass on what we don't need. As a mother of a 3 month old, more and more I'm choosing to keep things simple. I believe this fast will aid to living a simpler life and help us hone in on what really matters, the people around us - and guess what, they're free. 

I hope this little summary and outline of our spending fast makes you think and even join in! Have you done a spending fast before?  Was it successful? Thinking about jumping in but need a little push? Let's hear your thoughts...

January 22, 2014

day dreaming

I don't know if it's the sleep deprived nights or the bagillion monogrammed shams that I have pinned on my bedrooms board that have me dreaming of a new set up.  Most of the rest of the house has had some sort of upgrade and somewhere along the way our linens have been neglected.

January 16, 2014

is this real life?

Well, it has been a little over three months since I've posted and I think I have a really good excuse.

this happened...

and then this…

and then this…

and then this…

with not a whole lot of this…

Becoming a mom has been the greatest thrill of my life. I stare at our beautiful baby boy and thank God for such a blessing. It really has rocked my world (and now I am the guru of the Nose Frida - if you don't know what that is go ahead and google it, glamorous my friends). But now that I'm getting a lil routine going (routine used loosely) I'm ready to get back in the saddle again - blog/business/adult life. I did have a HUGE holiday sale taking 50-80% off select pieces which was very successful and created quite a stir on my Facebook page. I look forward to posting little bits about family life, the jewelry biz, fashion, DIY etc. etc. So stay tuned!!

Also, a big thank you for all the warm wishes, yummy meals, and baby holding sessions! You guys rock.