October 25, 2012

f.i.g. not the fruit

To market, to market to... buy some Merrick Jewels? It's that time again - I really can't believe it - market starts tomorrow. I've been running around like a crazy person getting ready and I just thought I'd write a blog post proclaiming my craziness incase anyone has been wondering about me. Heh. Here's a little looksie from the last market...

you guys should know by now I'm a sucker for coral

voila! my booth - here's not looking forward to setting up that thing again

Stay tuned for a brighter and more pastel-y booth this go around. I'll be posting pics on my facebook and instagram (MerrickJewels). 

October 17, 2012

here's to being a PITA

The Garden Room table

 Beauty of Life luncheon

Last Thursday I had the chance to participate in one of my favorite events of the year, The Beauty of Life event benefiting Hospice Austin. The luncheon was held at the Hilton in downtown Austin and this year's keynote speaker was Kathryn Stockett, writer of The Help. Each year vendors have the opportunity to set up booths for the 1,000+ guests that attend the luncheon. My fabulous friend Patty, from The Garden Room, asked if I would like to bring some wares for the booth. How could I resist.

The vendors were quite the stylish group this year. We were accompanied by By George (who brought a red Celine bag to tempt us all... I shake my fist at you By George!!), local favorite Kendra Scott, The Menagerie, and Adelante Boutique amongst others.

I had the pleasure of sitting at The Garden Room table for the luncheon where we nibbled on cucumber sandwiches, a rich ham and egg quiche, and a rendition of Minnie's famous and laughable chocolate pie (without a certain ingredient I hope... you all should know this if you have seen the movie/read the book).

After the end of the luncheon, Kathryn was signing books for about an hour. Inspired by her story of 60 rejections from publishers yet persisting on until lucky number 61 signed her book, I decided I wanted to say thank you for the inspiring words and explaining that not everyone needs to get a Ph.D. to write etc. (to her meaning pretty heavy drinker which you can major in vodka or bourbon). I arrived at the signing table a little too late as they ran out of books. With no shame I grabbed a post-it note and asked the author for some tips on persevering through all the rejection. She said, "Honey, you have to be a stubbon PITA, a pain in the ass." Soo that's what it's called! Can a sister get that monogrammed somewhere? Taking her advice I decided Kathryn needed to go home with some Merrick Jewels so I tracked her down for this photo and gave her my pyrite nugget earrings in which she cooed, "these are gorgeous." What an inspiring and delightful experience. All my ladies out there who are pioneering their way in business - here's to being a PITA!

with Kathryn, post-it note, and Merrick Jewels earrings in hand

 love Patty and The Garden Room team!