March 29, 2013

shine on

So the article that I mentioned prepping for in this blog post came out online yesterday!!! I was both humbled and honored to have a feature in 360 West Magazine about my volunteer organization, You are a Jewel.

Read the whole article and take a browse through the magazine HERE. {And a special thank you to Meda and Jill!!}

I have a session planned for April 6th at 10:30 at a Fort Worth shelter. I am still looking for 2 volunteers so if you are in the DFW and would like to volunteer please email me at: You can also help out by donating ANY unwanted jewelry/beads/broken jewelry parts. Monetary donations are also accepted. Anything helps to make this a special event for these women in these shelters! Please contact me by email if you would like to help out.

Also, let's not forget about the gift of Good Friday and Easter. I hope you all have joyous times with friends and family. I'll leave with you a couple of fun images for the weekend.

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March 27, 2013


I remember how excited I was when Ryan built me a raised vegetable garden out of cedar planks and industrial hardware that reminded me of south Austin. At the time, I had this idyllic vision of being able to harvest a whole weeks worth of groceries out of a 4x8' plot of land, you know mother earth style. Ambitious? Yes.

March 20, 2013

code red

Those of you who happened to see a couple of my Instagram photos yesterday know that fun things are going on in the Merrick Jewels camp! There might be a little "sumpin' sumpin'" coming out in the April edition of a local magazine... maybe something that I have blogged about in the past {hint hint}?? You will have to wait and see. I was so honored by the opportunity but immediately had to pull a code red when informed that one of the photographers needed to come over and take *gulp* head shots and *double gulp* pictures of my workspace/studio. Seriously, CODE RED. Report to battle stations...

March 18, 2013

rocky mountain high


Hi friends, how I've missed you! I seemed to skip over last week because we had a little family vacay to Summit County, CO. I lugged my computer all the way up there intending to plug in but fresh snow, mountain scenery, and Elk steaks pulled me away... plus a marathon of Duck Dynasty of course {I believe my in-laws are hooked}.

March 07, 2013

the kitten wedge

image via

The image above originally got my head spinning about warmer temperatures and spring sandals (especially the pair on the right). Now, I have gladiator sandals, high wedges, thong sandals, and some summer-y bling bling shoes in my closet but do not have any low height wedges. I've been seeing these guys pop up here and there so I'm going to go ahead and call this a trend for spring/summer. Ladies rejoice! Finally a trend that involves comfort! The low wedge heel is enough to be flirty yet super functional. Plus, as I approach the 'dirty thirty' maybe a lower heel wouldn't be such a bad idea... I'm on board. 

I've put together some of my favorites for the season. Loving the mix of metallics and soft nude leather, I'm debating between #1 and #5. 

March 04, 2013

You are a Jewel - volunteer program

In my opinion, your "job" should be much more than what you do and more about who you are. 

About a year and a half ago, I found a program in Houston called Beading Cancer associated with Marnie Rocks (a fellow Texas jewelry designer). Founded in 2007, Beading Cancer is dedicated to alleviating the stresses to patients and their families associated with cancer treatment by providing jewelry beading parties for primarily children. 

March 01, 2013

le weekend

Since I am zipping across the metroplex today buying supplies for orders, running errands, and meeting up with a lifelong friend for our monthly "business meeting" aka chit chat sesh... I thought I'd leave you with this classic look. Looks like the perfect go-to outfit. I'm still hunting down the perfect ankle booties for my collection. If you have any leads send 'em my way.

Last night we had a successful jewelry session at the women's shelter in Dallas. I was planning on having a post ready for today outlining our volunteer night (2 fabulous girls from my church small ground came and volunteered and we might have devoured some Chik-fil-a after our creative exhaustion) but since we got home at 11+pm we'll save it for Monday. 

Enjoy your le weekend!

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