May 24, 2012

have fun with it

As a native Texan, I can feel it - summer is almost here. Get ready for egg-frying heat, lake days, cold libations, and the smell of sunscreen (50 SPF or higher I hope or wait, did they decide that was an advertising hoax? Ugh). Bring it on Texas heat. I have a new popsicle maker and I'm not afraid to use it!

I remember this commercial from about 2 years ago and man did it get me excited about summer and make me giggle at the same time. Usually when I'm in the studio I have the TV on in the background playing the Real Housewives Top Fashion something or "ruuther" and this commercial popped on again! If this doesn't make you want to get up and dance I don't know what will. See for yourself.

And now time for the spoofs. Lolz. It's going to take every bone in my body not to make one of these.

Busted - I know you're searching for this song on iTunes.

May 21, 2012

simply bountiful

When the jeans got a little tighter after Christmas I decided that something had to change and finally came to terms with the fact that Velveeta and Rotel does not have its own category on the food pyramid (dang it). For a couple of months now I have challeneged myself to come up with snacks and meals that are more beneficial for my health. Mind you - I AM NOT on a diet! I am replacing things that are empty fillers with foods that my body will actually benefit from. Naturally, these items are fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, lean meats etc. When I found out about Bountiful Baskets I was intrigued. Let me explain.

Bountiful Baskets is a local grocery co-op that pools together money to purchase produce, bread, oils etc. for lower prices. The organization is a volunteer based program to ensure that the money pooled together is spent on food not employees. Every week you can buy into what they call a "conventional basket" made up of 50% fruit, 50% veggies for $15 (plus a $1.50 convenience charge each time, there is also a one-time $3.00 charge for your first basket). You can also add $10 for an organic basket. The produce they include is usually items that are in season therefore you never know what you are going to get. Like I said in the 360 West Magazine article this month, "it's like Christmas!" There are a couple of staples items that they try to include each time - bananas, onions, lettuce, apples. On top of that, there are many upgrades you can add on to your basket purchase that change weekly (extra bread packages, vats of blackberries, Italian veggie pack etc.).

Participation opens every Monday at 12pm and runs through Tuesday at 10pm. I'd recommend checking the website as close to 12pm on Monday as possible because some popular pick-up spots run out since there are a limited number of baskets available and it is on a first come first serve basis. Pick the location that is most convenient for you and purchase a basket from that location on the drop down menu. After purchasing, you would pick up your baskets on Saturday morning (different times for different locations) at the designated pick-up location. Here's us lining up to pick up our baskets...

I've participated about 4 times now and I am in love!! You get such great produce for so little money. I'd say I get about $30 of produce for $15 and the quality is great! The best apples I've ever had have come from Bountiful Baskets. YUM. This is just half of the produce that I got in the first basket I purchased.

Please visit for more information or leave a comment if you have any further questions.

May 18, 2012

feelin' the love


Happy Friday all!

I know I'm late on saying this but - Happy late Mother's Day! I know I wouldn't be the person that I am today without my mom (because hey - the apple doesn't fall from the tree). So a big shout out to Mama Jo. Thank you for always encouraging me to run after my dreams. You are a fierce lady and a loving friend. Muchas smoochas.

I have to share how touched I was that Merrick Jewels was part of someone's Mother's Day. My beautiful middle school friend, Ilana, had her very thoughtful husband personally contact me for a piece to give to her. Since this is her first Mother's Day, I was so touched 1. that he would think to contact an out of the box item (aka not just pick something off a shelf) and 2. plan such a memorable day for their family. Kudos! Here's a snapshot of the mint number that Ilana scored and her already accessory loving daughter, Lilian. Warm and fuzzies all around. :)

May 11, 2012

on top of the world

Prague - Merrick Jewels neon yellow vacation earrings, custom yellow crystal and rhinestone necklace, gold druzy and vintage rhinestone pendant necklace (F/W 2012 pieces - will be available at May FIG Market), Spotted wrap dress from BEE HIVE

Versailles - Merrick Jewels coral vacation earrings - similar coral earrings available HERE, my favorite monogram necklace


Oh my goodness! Ryan and I just got back from our two week vacation to Europe. What a blasty. I'm pretty confident in saying that I ate my way through three countries - England, Czech Republic, and France. Fish and chips, Indian food, goulash, dumplings, Pilsner Urquelle - Czech beer, best falafel of my life in Paris (the size of a Chipotle burrito), crepes (let's not forget those), NUTELLA on anything, any cheese from the fromagerie, and of course tons of street food. You name it, I probably inhaled it.

Having visited London and Paris before I had a mild idea of what to expect but I think the hub's brain was about to spontaneously combust. Tons of history, paintings, monuments, culture. We spent two days at the Louvre and I felt like I had overdosed on Delacroix. BTW if you haven't gone to Europe, GO. Have yourself a glass of vino and purchase those tickets. You can even press the purchase button with your eyes closed like I did. Makes it much more dramatic.

Needless to say, I am BACK and ready to conquer. Nothing like a two week hiatus to bring you back to life in your business. I'm participating in my first market at the end of this month in Dallas (May 31 - June 2nd to be exact) and I am so PUMPED/have NO idea what I just got myself into. Gulp. The FIG market looked like a great place to get my product in front of the eyes of some new stores and buyers. I'll be in my studio churning out product till the cows come home. My travels have definitely helped with the designing process and encouraged me to stop over thinking designs. There are so many types of styles out there!! Every piece does not have to be so calculated. So expect a lot of daring pieces with wood, neons, mixed metals, and layers of different materials. I'm excited what the future WILL hold in my business, travels, and everyday life. Thanks for reading. Au revior!