May 24, 2012

have fun with it

As a native Texan, I can feel it - summer is almost here. Get ready for egg-frying heat, lake days, cold libations, and the smell of sunscreen (50 SPF or higher I hope or wait, did they decide that was an advertising hoax? Ugh). Bring it on Texas heat. I have a new popsicle maker and I'm not afraid to use it!

I remember this commercial from about 2 years ago and man did it get me excited about summer and make me giggle at the same time. Usually when I'm in the studio I have the TV on in the background playing the Real Housewives Top Fashion something or "ruuther" and this commercial popped on again! If this doesn't make you want to get up and dance I don't know what will. See for yourself.

And now time for the spoofs. Lolz. It's going to take every bone in my body not to make one of these.

Busted - I know you're searching for this song on iTunes.

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