July 27, 2012

olympics - let the games begin!


I love me some Olympics. I was telling some friends the other day about how much the Olympics influenced me when I was in middle school. After watching the events all day and with the theme song trumpeting in my ear (via discman or tape player... oh man), I would run around our tennis court as fast as I could to train for some undecided track and field event. If I started training at 13 maybe I could make it to the games?? Oh, impressionable youth. :) Clearly I am no Olympian but sports have been a reckoning force in my life since then. Even while coaching field hockey and soccer now I can't keep myself out of a scrimmage. I just have to play.

After seeing this commercial first on Sheridan French's blog, The Southern Eclectic, and then on TV a couple times I had to re-share it. It's just TOO good not to share. And although I am not a mother yet I can feel the goosebumps down my arms and tears well up in my eyes. It's amazing to see how far athletes can push themselves mentally and physically but we cannot forget all the monumental support they have behind the scenes - that parent that drove them to swim class or soccer lessons. I know my mom made it a point to make it to my games. I could hear her from the sidelines. It meant the world to me. In my opinion, sports are not about the individual but a whole. Dreams achieved not just for one runner or swimmer but a family, supporters, and a country. How powerful.

Tear jerker, right??

So, I am pumped for the opening ceremony tonight! Over the next 17 days I will be glued to the TV  watching FIELD HOCKEY (Kate Middleton played, mmhmm that's right), gymnastics, track and field, swimming, and everything else. Oh and here's me...


July 24, 2012

obsessed with ombre

Ombre (adj.) - a fancy French word meaning shade or graduated in tone

There's something so hip yet sophisticated about ombre. I just love. Seeing as I am currently working on my  Spring/Summer 2013 collection (crazy how that works right?), I'm dying to incorporate some ombreness into my designs. I've already put together some earrings that I just adore! Too bad I have to wait a gazzzzillon years to show it to you. Hopefully this will tide you over. More ombre opulence...

Loving the ombre/dipped furniture look. Fun inexpensive way to funk up a space and when it goes out of style you can just paint over it!

Ombre + sweets - perfect combo

And ombre hair. Finally, an excuse not to get my roots done! I mean, I'm a natural blonde. :)

What ombre are you obsessing over??

* Please add accent acute on all Ombre. Too lazy...

July 19, 2012

snap out of it

and a funny one...

Are you inspired yet?!? I know I am. As some of you already know, it's hard to be creative and build your own business from the ground up. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed or think that my business is not going anywhere I need something to slap me across the face and yell SNAP OUT OF IT. Instead of the physical abuse I just go to my Words of Wisdom board on Pinterest (you can see all the other goodies here) and it seems to do the trick. Yes, working for myself is amazing and I am so grateful that I'm able to do it but being self-employed can be an emotional roller coaster of yeses and nos. Fortunately getting through the valleys is what makes us stronger for the ride. 

Any other motivational quotes I can add to my arsenal?

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July 17, 2012

to tuft or not to tuft

Perfect coral tufted ottoman with nail trim detail 
Image via Pinterest

Pop of color magenta tufted ottoman
Image via Pinterest

How to make an ottoman from scratch 
DIY instructions here

How to make an ottoman from a coffee table 
DIY instructions here

While almost halfway done with the new addition to the entertainment center (primed and ready for shelving and lighting), in true "Merrick" form I've moved on to another project to tackle. Seeing as our den/entertainment room is the big boring brown abyss - brown curtains (made for our old apartment), brown tile, brown walls (our den was made with that faux wood treatment so I gave it a pickled look), brown couch, and brown coffee table (a freebie) I am looking to bring some POC (pop of color) into the space.

The coffee table is the first thing on my list and a tufted ottoman just oozes chic practicality. The T-rex sized hubby can put his feet up properly with comfort (apparently, it's uncomfortable for a 6'5" man to sit normally in a couch, limbs must go somewhere), it provides extra seating, and it still acts as a coffee table. Seeing as these puppies usually run $300 + and add an extra couple hundy for a cute/decent color and voila, we're out of my budget. I'm used to this. So, I've been majorly tempted with these DIY options that have been floating around on the mothership we call Pinterest. Has anyone tried this madness??

July 10, 2012

storage: a suburban housewife's favorite word

Before... (when we first moved in)


The hubby and I have been working on a little renovation over the past couple of weekends. Well, he's the one that works the saw/is actually building the thing and I am usually filling beverage orders to keep us hydrated in this Texas heat or playing captain of the shop-vac. Fun times. No seriously... I LOVE renovations (if you know me you're probably nodding your head right now). There's something about beautify-ing a space and putting your own spin on things. It's addicting, people.

For this project we are making shelves that go around the TV in the den making more STORAGE for books, do-dads, odds and ends, golf trinkets (yikes) etc. This renovation earns extra stars, glittery rainbows, and unicorns in my book because it adds STORAGE. Ahhh, every suburban wife's dream. Say it with me now - Storrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrage. Don't you feel better already? Me too. My jewelry studio has become majorly cramped lately and it's about time that Jack Nicklaus and all the golf balls he has signed get out of my studio. Go Jack Nicklaus - shoo shoo! ...and take the model construction equipment with you! Teeehehehe. :)

I'll post more before/after pictures as we get farther along but here's some pictures that inspired this cozy library feel. Bring on the netflix!

So elegant yet cozy and inviting. Love the color and the mirror background seems to expand the space. 

Moody navy. 

Gorgeous neutral + drawers. We're thinking about putting some linen or grass cloth as a shelf background. Gives it a tailored feel. 

And lastly, this has nothing to do with how to elegantly dress your 50" TV. This is just a lovely library nook.

What do you think??

July 03, 2012

fashionably free

Who knew stars and stripes could be so chic? Happy FOJ!


Casual patriotic looks...

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new friends

Exciting news! 

Merrick Jewels is now in two new stores! HOORAY. 

We just sent out new inventory (including the coveted Vacation earring and tribal stripe tassel earrings... luv) to Lou Lou's in Dallas and Gypsy Junction in Alexandria, LA. If you are near either of those areas please stop in and browse some of the pieces from the new collection. I am happy to add both to the growing Merrick Jewels family.