July 10, 2012

storage: a suburban housewife's favorite word

Before... (when we first moved in)


The hubby and I have been working on a little renovation over the past couple of weekends. Well, he's the one that works the saw/is actually building the thing and I am usually filling beverage orders to keep us hydrated in this Texas heat or playing captain of the shop-vac. Fun times. No seriously... I LOVE renovations (if you know me you're probably nodding your head right now). There's something about beautify-ing a space and putting your own spin on things. It's addicting, people.

For this project we are making shelves that go around the TV in the den making more STORAGE for books, do-dads, odds and ends, golf trinkets (yikes) etc. This renovation earns extra stars, glittery rainbows, and unicorns in my book because it adds STORAGE. Ahhh, every suburban wife's dream. Say it with me now - Storrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrage. Don't you feel better already? Me too. My jewelry studio has become majorly cramped lately and it's about time that Jack Nicklaus and all the golf balls he has signed get out of my studio. Go Jack Nicklaus - shoo shoo! ...and take the model construction equipment with you! Teeehehehe. :)

I'll post more before/after pictures as we get farther along but here's some pictures that inspired this cozy library feel. Bring on the netflix!

So elegant yet cozy and inviting. Love the color and the mirror background seems to expand the space. 

Moody navy. 

Gorgeous neutral + drawers. We're thinking about putting some linen or grass cloth as a shelf background. Gives it a tailored feel. 

And lastly, this has nothing to do with how to elegantly dress your 50" TV. This is just a lovely library nook.

What do you think??


  1. This is so impressive Merrick! So inviting.

  2. That you Teresa. Can't wait for the finished product!