July 24, 2012

obsessed with ombre

Ombre (adj.) - a fancy French word meaning shade or graduated in tone

There's something so hip yet sophisticated about ombre. I just love. Seeing as I am currently working on my  Spring/Summer 2013 collection (crazy how that works right?), I'm dying to incorporate some ombreness into my designs. I've already put together some earrings that I just adore! Too bad I have to wait a gazzzzillon years to show it to you. Hopefully this will tide you over. More ombre opulence...

Loving the ombre/dipped furniture look. Fun inexpensive way to funk up a space and when it goes out of style you can just paint over it!

Ombre + sweets - perfect combo

And ombre hair. Finally, an excuse not to get my roots done! I mean, I'm a natural blonde. :)

What ombre are you obsessing over??

* Please add accent acute on all Ombre. Too lazy...

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