July 27, 2012

olympics - let the games begin!


I love me some Olympics. I was telling some friends the other day about how much the Olympics influenced me when I was in middle school. After watching the events all day and with the theme song trumpeting in my ear (via discman or tape player... oh man), I would run around our tennis court as fast as I could to train for some undecided track and field event. If I started training at 13 maybe I could make it to the games?? Oh, impressionable youth. :) Clearly I am no Olympian but sports have been a reckoning force in my life since then. Even while coaching field hockey and soccer now I can't keep myself out of a scrimmage. I just have to play.

After seeing this commercial first on Sheridan French's blog, The Southern Eclectic, and then on TV a couple times I had to re-share it. It's just TOO good not to share. And although I am not a mother yet I can feel the goosebumps down my arms and tears well up in my eyes. It's amazing to see how far athletes can push themselves mentally and physically but we cannot forget all the monumental support they have behind the scenes - that parent that drove them to swim class or soccer lessons. I know my mom made it a point to make it to my games. I could hear her from the sidelines. It meant the world to me. In my opinion, sports are not about the individual but a whole. Dreams achieved not just for one runner or swimmer but a family, supporters, and a country. How powerful.

Tear jerker, right??

So, I am pumped for the opening ceremony tonight! Over the next 17 days I will be glued to the TV  watching FIELD HOCKEY (Kate Middleton played, mmhmm that's right), gymnastics, track and field, swimming, and everything else. Oh and here's me...


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