April 16, 2013

king size

Before I get to my original post, I'd like to say how saddened/sickened I am about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Having run my first half marathon in February I cannot fathom how much time and dedication it takes to run that race.  Runners had the joy and accomplishment of such an event so quickly taken away and replaced with fear and terror. The casualties and injuries inflicted on innocent people... simply heartbroken.

Praying for all of the individuals and families affected by this tragedy and am grateful for all the service members that jumped into action (literally jumping over fences to get to the bomb site and to help the injured). I am also thankful that my Forney friend is safe and sound after his race. We're thinking of you Boston.

Here's my original post:

As you know our family is growing by one. Hooray baby! That being said, with my husband and I being on the tall side (he is 6'5") and a new cat that likes to stiff arm me off the bed in the middle of the night the queen bed is not cutting it anymore. Nope. So we upgraded to a king. Not really realizing how much is needed when upgrading in size (new headboard/frame, sheets, pillows etc.) our mattress is on the floor, like camping style, and I have some designing work to do. I think this is the perfect time to trade in some of my college bedding for some "grown-up bedding".

April 05, 2013

baby Bean

{due to the nature of this post there will be a lot of !!!! }

Sooo, this happened on Wednesday to all of Facebook. Yay for baby Bean!! I can't explain the joy this has brought to Ryan and I already. I can't even imagine what it will be like when the baby is here. LOVE OVERLOAD.

I love the fact that my due date is so close to our wedding anniversary so I had to include our wedding photo. Don't worry this is not changing into a baby blog. I might include some information here and there and will def. put pictures up as the nursery evolves (you know I have to find out the sex because hello, I have to decorate!). 

Thank you all for the kind congrats and well wishes. Having you all as a loving support system makes it all the better. 

Btw, I bought swiss chard as a cheap solution to fill in a flower bed in our backyard and it has turned out to be the hardiest and yummiest plant. It's a beast! 

To try and control the supply I made this swiss chard quiche last night from the Little Hedgehog and it was delish (I used parmesan and farm fresh eggs I found at the local feed store). I need more recipes for swiss chard just to keep this plant under control. Any ideas??


April 03, 2013

fur clips anyone?

As a girl who has always been into everything vintage and a jewelry aficionado(which probably started by being totted around as a child by my mother and grandmother to garage sales and estate sales), I have quite the little vintage collection going. Some pieces I use in my designs which usually brings on withdrawal like symptoms when they leave my possession and others are forever locked in my "private collection". Above is just a glimpse of my pin selection that I posted on my Instagram. I'm an addict.