April 03, 2013

fur clips anyone?

As a girl who has always been into everything vintage and a jewelry aficionado(which probably started by being totted around as a child by my mother and grandmother to garage sales and estate sales), I have quite the little vintage collection going. Some pieces I use in my designs which usually brings on withdrawal like symptoms when they leave my possession and others are forever locked in my "private collection". Above is just a glimpse of my pin selection that I posted on my Instagram. I'm an addict.

That being said I was very excited/inspired when I saw several different pictures of Olivia Palermo {bow down to fashion goddess} wearing antique rhinestone fur clips on her collar, lapel etc. I love this idea! Take a look...

worn with an edgy leather dress

 there's that wonderful emerald green that everyone keeps talking about 

glam up a cocktail dress

As they say, "what goes around comes around". But seriously I love the way she took something old school and made it so fashion forward. I will be brushing off my fur clips and giving this look a try.

Do you like this idea?


  1. I have been thinking about shoe clips as well! I think reinventing the shoe clip would be a great way to embellish your footwear and then remove for a different look. Yes, so search for fur clips, shoe clips, dress clips.