November 04, 2010

Austin American Statesman

... since my last post!! Things have been crazy with trunk shows, coaching JV field hockey at Country Day, starting a new branch of my company (Jewels N Schools) and being manager of household duties of course but I'm back. I've had some great trunk shows since I last posted - one in Austin at The Garden Room which was fabulous. I love the people at The Garden Room and even got a spread in the Life/Style section of the Austin American Statesman (see above). Also had a show at Spoiled Pink in Fort Worth after a torrential downpour but had some great people come out. Jewels N Schools debuted that day and I've seen some great TCU, UT and Country Day earrings going around. Show your spirit! I also participated in Austin Fashion Week where our team won the people's choice award and we got the gold boot! Woohoo. Anyway, things have been great on all fronts, especially jewelry. I'm coming out with lots of new pieces for the upcoming trunk shows. Think pearls, rhinestones, black crystals, awesome pieces for holiday couture. Check out my "Events" page for more details about upcoming shows. Back to work...

August 10, 2010


A lot has been going on in the past month. I just came back from a trip to Houston. My jewelry is now in a wonderful re-sale shop called "More than you can Imagine". This shop has the most wonderful designer goods... and I almost died for a Chanel lamp that I saw and of course some Gucci shoes. Anyway, I'm excited about it and look forward to having a real presence in Houston. Also within the past month, I had my first real photoshoot and I was blow away! Great photographer, make-up artist, editor and model - I must have found the golden ticket. Can't wait to see all the photos!

July 08, 2010

to bead or not to bead...

Hi all! I figured a new post was long overdue. The primary reason I haven't been blogging? Procrastination and home renovations. I have figured out that the way I procrastinate from making jewelry is my new addiction, home renovations! Sometimes it's so much easier to paint a wall or pull out weeds that be creative. So I've been remodeling the bathroom and finally got the sconces up which look fab. Now it's time to put down the paintbrush and put my nose to the grindstone. I have some great events coming up in Austin which should be a blast. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

May 11, 2010

welcome to the atx

What a fabulous weekend in Austin. That city truly feels like my home away from home. I love it. Good news, you can now find my jewelry in two boutiques in Austin - Bee Hive and The Garden Room! Now I have more excuses to visit. :)

April 21, 2010

are you spoiled pink?

Pics from the Spoiled Pink jewelry designer meet and... have a cocktail. Love the support!

here comes the bride...

I had the JOY of providing jewelry for Jennifer Bates' big day! She's the first bride to sport Merrick jewelry down the aisle. To your dismay I actually wore a strand of pearls from my mom (I hadn't really developed my business yet) but if I could go back and adorn myself... watch out! Please check out the stunning couple with my marvelous mother (wearing Merrick jewelry also). So special.

April 12, 2010

Can I die and come back as Iris Apfel?

After all the times I've wondered if you can wear brown shoes with a black purse or if it really matters to wear white after Labor Day (who decided that anyway?), Iris Apfel puts me to shame. Iris, the visionary of Old World Weavers, in her own words possessed the gift for wearing "everything under the kitchen sink" and is truly iconic! She is an inspiration for us to be free from fashion rules and live within our own skin and style. So WHO CARES, wear what you want. Be daring in your choices and have fun with it. "In the right tonality I never met a color I didn't like." "What the hell. If they don't fit, I'll make pillows." "Controlled Baroque, that's me." -Iris Apfel "Either be a work of art or wear a work of art." - Oscar Wilde

March 02, 2010

don't leave the cooking to the men...

Well, I survived my first fashion show! (even though I was about to throw my 4" booties out the window) The PIN Show has now come and gone. What an experience. I'd have to say my jewelry has been exposed to a whole new genre and I gained some essential work experiences and opportunities for the future. I was even interviewed by the CW News. Note to self: work on not sounds like a mumbling idiot. Dallas here I come! Now I can focus on my two favorite seasons SPRING and SUMMER! Yay color palette! Can't wait to get my hands on more coral, pearls and nautical themed baubles. Divine. P.s - Here's what happens if I let Ryan cook. Ryan's version of a salad. What is that?

February 24, 2010

my business partner

My buddy Maximus sat on my work table for about an hour watching me work on a necklace. I think he knows that the jewelry buys the FOOD FOOD FOOD.

February 19, 2010


Merrick Jewels was just on MIX 102.9 for the Fashionably Frugal Friday segment. That was pure bliss!!! Thank you to Jason Sheeler and MIX 102.9! See links below... And

February 17, 2010

my jewelry is going dancing

The next two weeks are big weeks for the Merrick industry. First off, cross your fingers... my jewelry might be featured in an online article in the Dallas Morning News as well as discussed on MIX 102.9 on Friday morning at 8:05am. Let's see if they like me... hopefully they really like me. Then I'm having a private trunk show at a dance studio in Dallas. I can just imagine it now all the beautiful colors of freshwater pearls gliding across the dancefloor (and hopefully going home with some of the dancers). My fabulous father is my sales rep. Watch out- he can sell ice to eskimos! And next Thursday is a big one y'all. The PIN show is on Thursday and if you haven't gotten tickets already this is a must. How fun to be able to check out independent designers and their up and coming styles before they hit stores. Tres chic! I have some HUGE pieces of jewelry that I'm just dying to show. Come support us!

February 04, 2010

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

My mom and I were featured in the February issue of 360 West Magazine. The article is about real-life brides and their best dress stories! Check it out.

ab fab

Work it, work it! Merrick Jewels will be featured in The Pin Show February 25th in Dallas, TX. Doors open at 8pm. The Pin Show 2010 will take place on Thursday February 25th at the renewed Historic Union Station in downtown Dallas, TX. This fabulous Independent event will feature 31 independent fashion and accessory designers showcasing over 130 - 2010 looks on the runway. Beyond the runway you will witness live photo shoots on two styled sets, mingle with designers and even get the rare opportunity to purchase your favorite look right off the runway before it hits stores. Please see the link below for ticket information. NBC 5 covered the promotional photo shoot at La Reunion. The shoot included pieces from Merrick Jewels.

February 03, 2010

i have arrived

As if I didn't have enough things to do like juggling between the Betty Draper housewife (sans affairs and disfunction please) and aspiring to be the next Haus of Jewels, blogging is being added to the list. The white canvaas... err text box is staring at me almost bullying me to be something fresh and new. I hope this thing has spell check? Anyway, I'll be posting my journey to become the next... American Jewelry Designer!! I would hate to hear what Simon would say about my silk knots... Here it goes.