June 26, 2013

fashion inspirations

Sometimes a gal just needs some fashion inspiration. Pregnant or not pregnant, I can tell you that I'd love to rock all of these goodies. Yeah, I'd be sporting the bump with knee-high Jesus sandals on, mhmm?

During the summertime I gravitate toward the boho peasant dress. So carefree and comfy, how could you resist? I'm absolutely loving the Theodore and Callum scarf used as a swimsuit coverup. Might have to pick one up for our babymoon... yes I said it... we're going on a babymoon. (I'm definitely taking advantage of all of these made up pre-baby extravaganzas - babymoon, dadchelor party, push gift? Bring it on). Enjoy!

Theodore and Callum scarf wrap // Krystal Schlegel

graphic print dress with clutch // Riches for Rags

more boho, please and thank you // Patterson Maker

some ridiculous sandals

wearing this Gucci dress would be a dream // L'extravagance

and maybe this Merrick Jewels pretty thrown in the mix?

June 19, 2013

baby boy bounty

Lately I have been switching hats from jewelry designer to nursery planner/wannabe baby expert aka NESTING. The thought of getting to design a nursery has always been an exciting one and I love the extra challenge of not breaking the bank (hey, the kid's got to go to college right?). They say you're in one of two camps: total cutesy nursery or does a baby even live here?? nursery. I would probably fall in the latter category but am hoping to bring some homeyness to the space. With some safari/noah's ark inspiration here are some of my favorite pieces:

June 13, 2013

if you like it / wear it

This mantra has been scanning across my pinterest feed for the past day and I could not agree with it more (esp. being 22 weeks preggo tomorrow)!!  Can I change it to...

Forget the rules
if it fits
wear it

Happy Thursday! And remember to wear what you like. 

June 11, 2013

quinoa / spinach stuffed tomatoes

If you ask my friends they will all tell you I am not the picky eater of the bunch. Blame it on my mom for eating spinach, cold custard, who knows what else while preggo (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it?). Baby boy can thank me later for his wide arrange of tastes. Btw, is that true?? I pretty much like it all. Seeing as my palette is rather diverse, I have an enormous food board on pinterest to prove it. My cooking goals - tasty, incorporates something nutritious, and is relatively easy.

June 06, 2013

El Fenix - a love story {part 2}

I was so touched by the sweet messages in response to my first post about my grandfather's passing a couple of weeks ago. It's not only like getting a virtual hug from all of you but gives me a outlet to tell their incredible story which continues their legacy. I actually had not planned to write a part two but to my surprise there was more to the story. To get caught up you can read part one here