June 11, 2013

quinoa / spinach stuffed tomatoes

If you ask my friends they will all tell you I am not the picky eater of the bunch. Blame it on my mom for eating spinach, cold custard, who knows what else while preggo (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it?). Baby boy can thank me later for his wide arrange of tastes. Btw, is that true?? I pretty much like it all. Seeing as my palette is rather diverse, I have an enormous food board on pinterest to prove it. My cooking goals - tasty, incorporates something nutritious, and is relatively easy.

I love me some quinoa. If you've never tried the super food (packing tons of protein, low in calories, and veggie/vegan friendly) I'd suggest trying the parmesan garlic quinoa from Canopi. Put cheese with anything and it's a yummy introduction in my book.

For dinner last night I decided to tackle these quinoa / spinach stuffed tomatoes solo and they did not disappoint. The recipe from diethood was easy, healthy, and just flat out good so I'm sharing. The mixture of quinoa, spinach, and parsley on the inside with the broiled soft tomato and cheese topping really hits the spot.

Here's the recipe. Let me know how it turned out! Or pass on any of your go-to nutritious recipes.

My other quinoa recipes on deck:
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