March 02, 2010

don't leave the cooking to the men...

Well, I survived my first fashion show! (even though I was about to throw my 4" booties out the window) The PIN Show has now come and gone. What an experience. I'd have to say my jewelry has been exposed to a whole new genre and I gained some essential work experiences and opportunities for the future. I was even interviewed by the CW News. Note to self: work on not sounds like a mumbling idiot. Dallas here I come! Now I can focus on my two favorite seasons SPRING and SUMMER! Yay color palette! Can't wait to get my hands on more coral, pearls and nautical themed baubles. Divine. P.s - Here's what happens if I let Ryan cook. Ryan's version of a salad. What is that?

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  1. What? Tim Love didn't come to your house and bus that?