August 01, 2012

the art of styling

I finally put up the paintbrush and table saw on the entertainment center project! The saw dust finally settled and we are on to the fun part - styling the real estate (ohhh yeah). Bookshelf styling is a real art. Combining literature, picture books, artwork, vases, and personal mementos to create the right mix of sophistication takes thought.  I'm dissecting every one of these pictures to try and get it right...

Adore the print hung on the outside of the shelves - grouping "knick knacks" makes pieces look more significant and chic

Ikat bowl (kicking myself for not buying them at Athropologie), classic bust, and tons of magazines

light and airy

Luxe - black, white, and gold

Dark and moody - more of a library feel that I am going for

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about see this post about our DIY shelves. Final pictures coming soon.


  1. The first image is definitely my favorite!! I can't wait to see the final product. Definitely need another Merrick's Pinterest Board Comes To Life get together!!!

  2. Melissa - can I just tell you, your comments make me happy.