August 24, 2012

fluorescent four eyes

As some of you might have noticed from earlier posts, my instagram (MerrickJewels) etc., I have been sporting these fluorescent bug eye sunglasses for a couple of months now. I remained steadfast in wearing them even after Rman said that they reminded him of the cheap sunglasses you wear to float the river and that they had major cheeze factor going on.

Thanks hubs.

I pressed on and I think they have grown on him. I mean hasn't seen the pure gold aviators that Sarah Jessica Parker debuted in SATC 2 with a whopping $525 pricetag?

Fierce! Too bad the movie sucked.

Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses

Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses   (clipped to

Mine were a staggering $5 bucks. Yup, you can buy a footlong Subway sandwich with that. Then I started noticing that my Subway sandwich glasses might be a little more chic than I thought. Enter exhibit A...

They kinda scream - HERE I AM. Too cool for skooool. Am I crazy?

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