August 03, 2012

natural beauty

As a jewelry designer, I am drawn to the beauty of natural stones and agate is one of my favs. The stone's mesmerizing layers make it so much fun to work with. While researching possible backdrops for my entertainment center shelves I came across some hand painted marbled paper that is just magnificent and made me realize how versatile agate can be.  

This solid agate wall and painted stained glass window put the wow factor in any interior. The window just looks like candy! YUM.

This is the hand painted marbled paper from Paper Mojo that I was considering for my project. I just HAVE to use it somewhere... it is delicious. These papers would also be amazing as drawer liners but I'm not sure how well they would wear. Seriously, must find a place for this.

Paper Mojo sheets used as the backing for a bookcase

Merrick Jewels Agate necklaces

Ahh, just love agate! Who else is captivated by agate's natural beauty? 

Images via Pinterest and Merrick Jewels

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