August 15, 2012

merrick jewels goes to work

I was super pumped to find out that my fun friend, Jennifer, won the Merrick Jewels giveaway on Hello Lovely! We had been discussing how she needed to own a MJ piece and danggg did she get lucky. These earrings are just perfect for her. I mean look at her work these earrings like a rock star!  

The vacation earrings are some of my favs because when wearing them I just get pumped about traveling/relaxing/sunkissed goodness. Plus, you know as a Texas native I have a weakness for turquoise (and coral) so this colorway hits it out of the park for me. Errr... I may or may not have made myself a pair after finishing these for the giveaway (a problem with a jewelry addict owning their own jewelry business - one for me, one to sell policy). 

Anyway, Jennifer you look fabulous dah-ling!! Hope you enjoy. :)

p.s. Post on making your own Emi Jay elastic hair ties for cheap cheap is coming up tomorrow! What is one to do with 50 hair ties now??

1 comment:

  1. Why thank you!! So fun. you are right, the vacation jewels make me want to... vacation!