July 17, 2012

to tuft or not to tuft

Perfect coral tufted ottoman with nail trim detail 
Image via Pinterest

Pop of color magenta tufted ottoman
Image via Pinterest

How to make an ottoman from scratch 
DIY instructions here

How to make an ottoman from a coffee table 
DIY instructions here

While almost halfway done with the new addition to the entertainment center (primed and ready for shelving and lighting), in true "Merrick" form I've moved on to another project to tackle. Seeing as our den/entertainment room is the big boring brown abyss - brown curtains (made for our old apartment), brown tile, brown walls (our den was made with that faux wood treatment so I gave it a pickled look), brown couch, and brown coffee table (a freebie) I am looking to bring some POC (pop of color) into the space.

The coffee table is the first thing on my list and a tufted ottoman just oozes chic practicality. The T-rex sized hubby can put his feet up properly with comfort (apparently, it's uncomfortable for a 6'5" man to sit normally in a couch, limbs must go somewhere), it provides extra seating, and it still acts as a coffee table. Seeing as these puppies usually run $300 + and add an extra couple hundy for a cute/decent color and voila, we're out of my budget. I'm used to this. So, I've been majorly tempted with these DIY options that have been floating around on the mothership we call Pinterest. Has anyone tried this madness??

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