June 06, 2012

to market, to market...

It's official- I survived my first market. Hats off to reps and exhibitors that do these things multiple times a year because it is quite the production. Apparently, I need to build up my market endurance. And those of you that think that being a jewelry designer must be sooooooooooo glamorous... imagine hauling what feels like a small village's worth of items from your car in a dress and heels in the Texas heat... #retailrealities.

Aside from the manual labor part, I was so excited to take some orders (YAY, stay-tuned for new retailers carrying Merrick Jewels!!!!) and meet some great self-made businesses along the way. It always gives me the warm and fuzzies talking with people who have started their own businesses and are actively chasing their dreams. Why wait right? It is SO very inspiring and it affirms exactly why I love being in this business. I look forward to blogging about some of the talented exhibitors I met at market and the tres adorbs summer bag I picked up along the way!

A big HUG and thank you to all of you who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers during market time. I am alive and will return calls soon. :)

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