June 08, 2012

i am busy

Image via Pinterest

Merrick Jewels coral/turquoise Vacation earrings - $162

While browsing Pinterest (I have 2,000+ pins on my profile does that mean I'm officially obsessed? Follow me HERE), I came across this image and it made me laugh. I might need this. After doing market last weekend this picture sums up what I will hopefully be doing this weekend. In reality I know I will find something to fill my time... us creative/DIY types can't sit still. But it's the thought that counts right? This picture also reminds me of the Vacation earrings which take me on a trip somewhere whenever I wear them. Coral and turquoise? Perfect for an exotic destination like Bora Bora (sigh)...

Image via Pinterest
Or sitting in your backyard with your feet in a blow up pool looking fabulous. Looks like I will doing the latter. Happy weekend!

Image via Pinterest

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