June 20, 2012

marie, manolos, and macaroons

I don't have a very sharp memory when it comes to remembering movies that I have seen. People often ask if I have seen a certain film and my go to response is, "probably but I don't remember." What's the deal!?!

True to form, I completely forgot about one of my absolute favorite movies - Marie Antoinette. OH EM GEE. This decadent period piece with a hipster flair is a feast for the eyes. I just completely fell in love all over again especially after finally making it to Versailles in April of this year. I'm just swimming in the whole film - costumes, JEWELRY, the mixture of funky indie music and washed out piano music. I wish I had watched this again before our trip. The director, Sophia Coppola, is a genius. I wanted the special feature about making the movie and the costume designer explained how the clothing color palette was inspired by the colors of macaroons. Also, there are tons of gorgeous floral patterns that would fit right in. Check out some of this deliciousness.

If you haven't seen the film - GO RENT NOW. Esp. for you creatives out there. Such inspiration! Reminds me of being here...

Le sigh.

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