June 21, 2012

self-diagnosed renovation restlessness

I am a sucker for a renovation project. I jump at any opportunity take a hammer to something ugly in my house (to get all the 1988 out). Attack! Here's part of the list I have already tackled with tons of help from my family and especially my father-in-law.

- popcorn ceilings (done, and SOOO worth it)
- unnecessary walls (bring on the open floor plan)
- sponge painted walls (seriously?)
- shell shaped sinks (one down, two to go)
- weathered brass knobs (done, welcome satin nickel levers)
- pineapple light fixture in foyer (done, antique crystal chandy a great flea market find)

Seeing before and afters becomes quite addicting. I mean come on, how often are you glued to the TV watching make-overs on daily talk shows? Such a Cinderella story. I get the same rush for a good 'ole home renovation and after my last flip I'm itching for a new project. My poor husband is probably nervous every time he comes home from work. He has come home to ripped off drywall, removed cabinets, and one time I was out in our front yard on a ladder with a hand saw cutting down a dead tree. Well, that's another story. Our master bathroom (holding the other two clam shell sinks hostage) is screaming for a make over. Here are some bathrooms I have been drooling over...

Gorgeous silvery blue/gray cabinet color with white marble vanity, faux bamboo mirror and artwork.

Venetian mirror (loves) with stone sink and treated mirror walls. Stunning.

Silver details with marble.

Ok, now for the more practical and cost conscious inspiration.

Falling in love with this taupe + gold veined marble combo.

I've been admiring this image ever since Sarah Richardson arrived on the interior design scene (aka HGTV, lolz). We have a dungeon of a shower right now and I'm looking to hop on the seamless glass shower train and love the striped mosaic tile look. This is a must.

Christina Murphy bathroom on decorpad. Have always loved white on white (in kitchens too). I like this bathroom because it is so elegant for what looks to be a normal bathroom size - for those of us who don't live in grand estate. Great sconce and I am searching for scalloped linens.

Again another standard double vanity done well. Here's our favorite marble again. I also love the sconces over the mirror (looking to do this in my bathroom).

What do you think of these bathrooms? Any renovations on your wish list?

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