June 12, 2012

live style - be stylish not only in what you wear but what you do

I started out writing this post on an adorable summer bag that I picked up while at the FIG market two weeks ago but got derailed. Since I'm a newbie to this whole blogosphere I'm trying to nail down who I am as a blogger aka what font best describes my personality, which layout screams fashionably chic, and more importantly how the heck do I get you to read this stuff? So I searched around on the other bagillion blogs I follow on my feedler (Feedler is a life saver - if you don't have it look it up in the app store) and got overwhelmed! I mean how am I supposed to blog about that fabulous Celine bag when I can probably afford one strap? (ahhh, what a heavenly strap it would be...swoon) ANNND I have the worst grammar! For realz. Then I realized that to be successful in the bloggie-world you don't have to be some forced fashionista. You need to be yourself. And then this phrase that has been mulling around with me ever since I auditioned for Fashion Star (I know what you're thinking... they asked me) popped into my head again.

Live Style.

To me fashion is so much more than just the items we put on our bodies but the way that we conduct ourselves in our stylish choices. How ugly does a pair of Louboutins look on a person who is ugly on the inside? Nobody should care about the labels you are wearing if you don't care for others and the environment around you.

Live style is a great motto for me because it breathes LIFE into fashion. It allows fashion to work for us - not us for fashion. It should be stylish to be kind in challenging situations, to help others (no matter how simple or small), and think about the bigger picture.

So don't get my wrong - I'm just as much of a sucker for all labels, trends, materialism blah blah blah. I am a jewelry designer after all. I'm just asking that we LIVE STYLE and be stylish not only in what we wear but what we do.

Also, if you are wearing my jewlery - please make sure you recycle. :) Har har.

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