May 18, 2012

feelin' the love


Happy Friday all!

I know I'm late on saying this but - Happy late Mother's Day! I know I wouldn't be the person that I am today without my mom (because hey - the apple doesn't fall from the tree). So a big shout out to Mama Jo. Thank you for always encouraging me to run after my dreams. You are a fierce lady and a loving friend. Muchas smoochas.

I have to share how touched I was that Merrick Jewels was part of someone's Mother's Day. My beautiful middle school friend, Ilana, had her very thoughtful husband personally contact me for a piece to give to her. Since this is her first Mother's Day, I was so touched 1. that he would think to contact an out of the box item (aka not just pick something off a shelf) and 2. plan such a memorable day for their family. Kudos! Here's a snapshot of the mint number that Ilana scored and her already accessory loving daughter, Lilian. Warm and fuzzies all around. :)

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