March 18, 2013

rocky mountain high


Hi friends, how I've missed you! I seemed to skip over last week because we had a little family vacay to Summit County, CO. I lugged my computer all the way up there intending to plug in but fresh snow, mountain scenery, and Elk steaks pulled me away... plus a marathon of Duck Dynasty of course {I believe my in-laws are hooked}.

Skiing has always had a special place in my heart. During my first ski adventure in 2001 (had never put on a pair of skis ever), I walked into a Ruby Tuesday with some friends and met my husband over ship scampi  and a salad bar. I love it. We try to go every year and usually alternate between Keystone and Beaver Creek but life got in the way and we have skipped the last 2 years. Fortunately we squeezed it in this year and we had such a great time!

The best treat was our eating experience at the Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone (which came by recommendation). Yes, I said... experience. We enjoyed a beautifully orchestrated four course meal in the cozy and charming lodge that was formerly a 1800's stage coach inn. I had wild game leak soup, roasted beet salad, and veal with risotto. For dessert they escort you to one of the two cozy living areas to enjoy your sweets by the fire.

With five choices I had to go with the creme brûlée (le duh) which was the size of my face! I almost had to be wheeled out of the restaurant. 

Loved spending quality time with the fam up in the mountains!

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