March 27, 2013


I remember how excited I was when Ryan built me a raised vegetable garden out of cedar planks and industrial hardware that reminded me of south Austin. At the time, I had this idyllic vision of being able to harvest a whole weeks worth of groceries out of a 4x8' plot of land, you know mother earth style. Ambitious? Yes.

Since then, I will say that we have harvested plenty of spinach, arugula, maybe 1 squash, 2 measly pieces of asparagus, a tomato (I shake my fist at you tomatoes), and enough rosemary for the entire neighborhood. Not an entire meals worth of groceries but enough to make it worth the trouble. Now lately the "garden" has seen better days. The rosemary (which previously I could not get to grow) has taken over one side of our already small plot and the mint which I failed to mention  unapologetically traverses the box swallowing up most of the other produce in the way (Do not plant mint in your veggie garden. Period.). It was time to go.

Yesterday I finally pinned myself down to start my fall/winter collection and after hours in the studio I just had to get out. As some who work from home, cabin fever is real and honestly a silent killer of rational emotions and common sense. It will strike and make you spend the whole day researching how to train your cat (not possible) or persuade you to alphabetically organize your pantry. Therefore, I try and divide my day up between jewelry designer duties, household duties, and whatever Merrick wants to do duties and yesterday's coin landed on the veggie garden.

Some days I feel guilty for this privilege but yesterday after tilling the garden, picking out the seeds, and spending a good amount of time laboring in the fresh spring air, I did not. I was able to get my hands dirty (well, they're usually dirty or banged up from other projects... no manis for this girl) and start over new. Everything was sifted out. Old plants that were not producing, unwanted weeds, dry and crackly leaves from fall, stones that snuck their way into place all carefully removed. It felt good. I'm not sure if replanting the garden will do more for my stomach or my soul. Either way it was a good day and I encourage you to every once in a while till the garden, see what you find, and start over new.


Also, if you are truly planting a veggie garden I would recommend Smart Gardner. It is a free website that helps you plan out your space as well as which plants to plant for the season and your area.

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