February 12, 2014

i'm fasting / update

You don't know what you really don't need until you really can't buy it. I thought y'all would be interested to know how the financial fast went since my original post was one of the more viewed posts that I've written. I'm sure some of you were thinking it was a food fast and were super curious how our household held up since I'm pretty sure I'd be a hangry terror. Nope. We fasted from plastic, dollar bills, and the completely unnecessary and I'm so glad we did!

Not only do I feel more in tune with what our family actually needs and things that would make the biggest impact on our lives (and I'm not just talking about value and purpose but actual physical things too for instance we've needed an ottoman for our den and I've got my eyes on this one) but we've been able to save into the four figure mark in just 2 weeks! I guess knick knacks from T.J.Maxx add up. I'm happy to say we will put most of it toward our house mortgage.  By paying down our principal early will save us even more money.

The no shopping bit was easier for me than I thought. Probably because I've primarily been home with baby and getting out requires the same attention as getting ready for the airport. I will say that knowing that I couldn't shop brought on the urge to do just that but was easily dismissed because I knew it was a major no-no. Actually, deciding which food items were a must have and other items that were purchased for the sake of purchasing (things I thought I could get away with it because, hey,  it's in the food category) was much harder. I know that sounds harsh to some, I mean it's FOOD but the whole point is to whittle down to what you really need for the two weeks. We can live without POM juice for 2 weeks. Just food for thought.

To sum everything up I think that it was an extremely valuable experience. I like a good chance to exercise my will power so we're thinking about doing a fast maybe once every 3 months. Cha-ching. If you have any questions about the fast feel free to leave a comment.

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