April 03, 2012

pop your collar

MY mother claims that embellished collars were "sooooo the 60's". She usually can pin an era to most trends that come around these days (you don't even want to see the picture of me trying on my mom's teal jeans from the 80's - talk about 4" long zipper!) and I have to remind her that being a 20 something they are new news to me. Although this seems like a quirky trend, I'm really digging the collars - esp. the peter pan neckline. Tres adorbs. From rhinestone to faux pearl these accessories really flip an outfit. You can go from simple black dress chic to fashion savvy statement in a nanosecond. Here are some pieces that are already out there that you might enjoy. I'm personally looking for a vintage piece to add to my collection and hope to put together some collar inspired pieces for Merrick Jewels. What do you think of this trend?

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