April 10, 2012

working like a dog

I feel like I've been working like a dog lately which is actually a good thing because that means I'm actually getting stuff done. I'm really pressing to produce a *complete* Fall/Winter 2012 collection of jewelry with more than one piece of each style so I can market my pieces to a broader clientele. This is SO much harder than I thought! I had no idea that an organized, check-list, must clean house before going out of town (what like guests are coming over??)could be so ADDish when it comes to designing a collection. In the past my design method has been to create whatever strikes me. I'm just now catching on the producing 2 seasons ahead concept. Predicting trends a year from now seems like I should be looking into my crystal ball (we'll leave this to the professionals). Nonetheless, I think it'll catch on. It takes work when I'm distracted by so many ideas when it comes to jewelry and I definitely need a straight jacket so I don't touch ANYTHING that has to do with summer. :) Does anyone else notice a slide to the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to a different type of task? Are you a neat-freak most of the time but a sloppy mess in one area? Do tell.

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