September 13, 2012

hotel california

I am uber excited about the upcoming long weekend that I will be spending with mi madre in Cali-for-nia (said all Arnold-like). This will be the third trip I will take as the official "artist's assistant/moral support/travel planner/stylist/diet coke retriever". The last two trips have been to the Coors Stock Show and Rodeo art preview in Denver, CO which is always a good ole time. Now for a change of pace we are adding Carmel/San Francisco to our repertoire. Not too shabby. What's interesting is the last time I visited the city by the sea was 20 years and one month ago when I was in second grade.



Monterey, CA - old fisherman's warf

San Fran via trolly - no I will not be packing the visor

Dad and I in San Fran

I checked the weather and we're talking mid 50's to low 70's everyday with sunshine. Perfection. I might not come back. I'm excited about wearing some new pieces that I have picked up for fall including these black boots and new jewelry pieces that I have been posting on my Instagram {MerrickJewels}.  With some loot in tow I hope to visit some stores in the area to see about spreading some Merrick Jewels to the west coast. 

Finish this sentence...

If you're going to San Francisco ____________

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