September 19, 2012

weekend highlights - carmel/san fran

After a whirlwind of activities over a long weekend, I'm safely back on Texas soil (many thanks to the US Airways team that fixed the oil leak on one of the engines or I might have been a crispy critter).

*side note alert* - I am baffled why people complain about delays due to airplane maintenance. I know some planes are super beat up and should probably be retired but don't complain about the time it takes to make a repair that could save your life. I'm like... take alllll the time you need my friends (as I watched The Hunger Games for the first time on my iPad while sitting on the tar). Plus, I don't think I would have enough survival skills as Matthew Fox and company on Lost. The typewriter smoke monster thing and I would not be besties.

Some of you might have seen some highlights from my trip on my Instagram (follow MerrickJewels) but here's a little bit of everything in high res.

everything grows in Cali, succulents the size of my face - wish my backyard looked like this

wearing a new Merrick Jewels mixed chain/rock crystal necklace and reflective sunnies as seen in this post... this was right around the corner from where we had lunch at La Bicyclette (think fresh French bistro with lavender creme brulee as the finale)

pattern play on the streets of Carmel

enjoyed a morning jog along this beach

Merrick Jewels burgundy statement necklace for the art show preview

stopped at a produce stand on the side of the road and had the best strawberries I've ever had

solo bike ride to the Golden Gate bridge

Love me some California!

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