February 20, 2013

neon neutrals

Guess what...!?! Neons are backkkkkkk for the Spring/Summer season. So bring out those blinding colors for another go around. 

However, this time for a new twist I love the intrigue of mixing those 80's neons with neutrals. This combo takes you away from dancing queen to stylish sista. Voila! For accessories, our soft diamante earring with natural horn and bright coral drops does the trick. 

I even love the idea for interiors. Pick a piece that is easily and affordably replaceable (aka maybe not the couch pictured above, even though for the daring it could be used in many ways, but more like a pair of throw pillows or tabletop accessories).

Are you bringing out the brights for one more season?? 

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  1. TOTALLY. LOVE NEON. where are those glittery shorts from? must have.

  2. Jen this image was from my Pinterest but I also found some here that might work: