February 26, 2013

leading lady - light vs. dark

After completing my first half marathon Sunday morning, all I wanted to do/could do was lay in bed and be lazy. Thank goodness the Oscars were on! While dissecting the red carpet fashions, I noticed the division between between light and airy gowns vs. dark metallics with a few saturated hues sprinkled in (horray!). Here's a quick rundown...

Charlize Theron can do no wrong. The structured modern gown with her short pixi cut is stunning winning best dressed of the light category. J-Law looked beautiful in her mermaid Dior gown and she looked even more graceful tripping up the stage stairs. Hello ad campaign! 

I also think she could have taken the dress to a whole new level by wearing a jewel toned statement necklace like this one. I understand the blush washed out look but after seeing it over and over, I'm a little bored. What was not boring was watching her freak after being approached by Jack Nicholson. "I need a rear view mirror." LOL. Channeling Jessica Rabbit, Jessica Chastain looked flawless in her rose gold gown. 

Now to the dark side... S-U-R-PRISE Stacey Keibler is my best dressed (way to go Brad Goreski). She would have completely knocked it out of the park with a different hair style. The side Gatsby wave doesn't seem to compliment her face. Sandra Bullock looked beautiful in her beaded body hugging gown and despite all the critics I liked her asymmetrical diamond hairpiece. Loved that Jennifer Gardner chose an electric plum color! I love the business in the front/party in the back aspect to this dress and the necklace was a stunner. 

Now for a couple that missed the boat...

Oh Anne Hathaway, I wish I had better news for you but your light pink dress just had too much going on and the fit was all wrong. Want to love her so badly but sometimes she makes it SO hard!

Selma you are beauty but the exaggerated up-do with the sweetheart neckline and choking gold halter is too much Charro. Aye, yai, yai!

And last but not least, Kristin Stewart. Ugh, who cares.

Do you agree or am I crazy?

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  1. I could not agree more with your Kristin Stewart assessment. UGH, WHO CARRREEESSSSS!!!!?????

    I also agree that Charlize Theron was perfection. Top to bottom.

    xoxox Melissa