July 25, 2013

changes welcome

(original entryway)

I love a good renovation project. Since buying our first house in 2009, we've torn down walls, put up walls, moved doors, closed in windows, resurfaced, replaced hardware, and yes painted every room. I love it. And it's funny, when people talk about "nesting" before the baby comes they are usually talking about reorganizing the tupperware in the kitchen or throwing out the hundreds of koozies from college (are  my koozie days over?). My version of nesting - totally redoing our entryway. Seems normal, right? I blogged my ideas about the entryway back in May and I think now at almost the end of July we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

This is what we've done so far (and by "we" I mean the husband): 

* Installed beautiful ceramic tiles from Lowe's installed (I can't recommend these tiles enough. They're cheap, large which makes for quicker installation, neutral, and easy to sweep. Win, win!)
* Scraped texture and two layers of old wallpaper
* Installed new baseboards and added crown molding

Now I'm looking forward to painting in the gray stripes.

And possibly installing this scalloped black and white pendant from Robert Abbey ($264). I am obsessed with scalloped lighting and think it could add a glamorous touch to the space. 

Eeek, excited to be almost done! My kind of push gift. 

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