August 06, 2013

baby showering

You know your pregnancy is getting real when it's baby shower time! Having a shower for Landry felt like a cross between a birthday and a celebration of a mystical creature I haven't even met yet. So surreal and amazing at the same time. Pinch me?

My high school friend was gracious to have it at her new house in Houston decked out with mustache cupcakes, white chocolate dipped pretzels, and chicken salad. 

If you're a sweet/salty combo lover like me you'll love the white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. You can customize them with any topping combo, they're easy to make, and did a mention delish? Found the recipe on Pinterest. 

I had a fabulous time with high school friends, college friends, and beyond. A huge thank you to my three hostesses. I am so blessed to have friends that would take the time and effort to sow into Landry's life. 

*big hugs*

Also, we have finally put the stripes up on the foyer. I'll be posting some before and after pics on Thursday plus some tips on how to paint stripes (so much easier than it looks and such an affordable update). 

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