August 08, 2013

foyer / check it off the list

Ain't that the truth. This quote came to mind when I was thinking about today's blog post on the foyer renovation. I had to dig through my old pictures of our house when we first bought it and yeesh... it was scary (popcorn ceilings, sea shell sinks, office lights over sink vanities, an outdoor window into another room?). We have come such a long way!!

Ryan and I have always thought of our foyer as depressing, cavernous, boring, and just ugly. Not thoughts you'd like bouncing around in your head when you're welcoming people into your home. I remember searching for hours on Pinterest typing in "small entryway" to find solutions to this problem. After seeing what some people consider a "small entryway" (which just happens to be about three times my space) I decided painting was the only way to go. I am so obsessed with these wide stripes and they are so much easier to do than I thought! These tips from Thrifty Inspirations really helped. 

say hello to my pineapple chandelier


Here's a rundown: 
- new Leolina porcelain tile from Lowe's ($2.28/sqft)
- scraped two layers of 80's wallpaper and a bad faux Italian plaster job off the walls (and ceiling!) to make a smooth finish
- all new trim with new crown molding
- painted new stripes using Sherwin Williams collonade gray (which is in our adjacent living room) as the accent color

Per my last post about the foyer, I am still drooling over this Robert Abbey scalloped flush mount pendant but I suppose baby items trump for now. 
 I also finished my hollywood regency brass ginger jar lamps that I purchased on Etsy a bagillion years ago.

Garden Ridge black drum shades ($19.99/each) + snake skin wrapping paper + turquoise slab finials = LOVE.

So happy to check these things of the list before baby Landry comes. What do you think of the transformation?

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  1. Love, love, love it! You did a great job. All of it.