August 20, 2013

top 5 baby DIY projects

Oh, I am such a lucky girl. My creative and talented sister-in-law and mother-in-law put on a fabulous baby shower extravaganza a couple weeks ago. I am just now recovering from opening all of the gifts. You guys bless me so much!!

From hand sanitizer party favors to homemade onsie cookies (my sister in-law is a baker profession-al and thank goodness because I can't even make boxed brownies), she had it all down to the tee. Bravo!

and now you can touch my baby...

 These onsie cookies might look sweet but beware... I think I had 4-5 in one sitting.


The 4' tall Melissa and Doug stuffed giraffe almost stole the show. Muchas gracias Chrissie and Brooke!

Now that I have under 60 days till Landry's due date I've found that I have started "nesting" in a different way. I've gone into super crafty crafty mode dare I say mid-life craft crisis?? Here are a couple of things that I have made/wanted to make that I think that I would actually use. 

1. Pacifier clips / I've made these and they are super easy and cute. Of course add a monogram for an extra kick. ;)

2. Little man attachable bow ties / I've actually made these as well. Men must accessorize too right?

3. Swaddle blankets / If I hadn't been gifted the most amazing Aden and Anais swaddling blankets I'd be making these ASAP. Apparently you want "bubble gauze" for ultra softness and you can find it at Dharma Trading

4. Baby leg warmers / No longer stuck in the 80's, baby leg warmers seem functional and fashionable. Haven't tackled this one yet but apparently they can be made with socks? Must try.

5. Applique monogram / I've had my Brother se400 embroidery sewing machine for a little while and I feel as though I have not tapped into its potential. Of course I have to start with the hardest project (a three letter monogram) to learn how to appliqué but I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth it. My first trial onsie bit the dust due to lack of adhesive on the letters but I'm determined. 

Now off to do my jewelry homework so I can get to crafting. Must make tiny people items. 

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