November 21, 2012

a pinterest side dish election

My name is Merrick...

and I am a pinterest addict.

Follow me on pinterest and you will see what I'm talking about - 3,400 pins and counting. I want more, more, MORE PINS!

You can count on me checking pinterest multiple times a day almost neurotically... if I have a spare moment while waiting in line I'm searching for the perfect leopard coat {yes}. Should have gone to bed an hour ago? Probably scanning 50 tips to make your life healthier - one of them being getting enough sleep. A spare moment before a mid-day workout? 50 ba-gillion brownie recipes come across my feed... along with funfetti dip/red velvet puppy chow/the best peanut butter chocolate cups eVeR. Fitting. So naturally I'm going to the major time sucker, pinterest, for some Thanksgiving recipes.

This year my parents are hosting Thanksgiving at their house. Those of you who know the Rutledge family know that papa Rutledge is a bad to the bone cook {I swear he channels Julia Childs} and holiday fetes are his specialty. No boxed stuffing here. He makes the REAL deal from scratch starting with homemade cornbread, biscuits etc. days before. YUM. Sooo, he's got all the major players covered - turkey, stuffing, veggies, salad etc. I know I've  at least signed up for a finicky carb, popovers. For those of you unfamiliar this is a popover...

It's goldeny brown exterior with a doughy delicate interior makes for one heavenly treat. Pass the bread please. The Zodiac at Neiman Marcus serves them with strawberry butter and a teacup full of consomme {refined chicken broth}. Hits the spot. 

Along with the popovers, I'm dying to try one of these delicious looking side dishes that I've been pinning. The problem is narrowing it down to one. Here are the candidates:

1. Brussels Sprout Mac n' Cheese: a sneaky way to disguise a veggie within my major food group. I actually love brussels sprout so I'm liking this one. I'm not one to shy away from unpopular veggies. Ryan always jokes with me that I will be the type of mom that instead of bringing cheetos and grilled cheese sandwiches out to the pool for a snack we'll be having hummus and carrot sticks anyone?? Bring on the weird foods!

 2. Broccoli Quinoa Casserole: broccoli rice casserole has always be a fav of mine. I'm proud to say I can eat a whole pyrex full. Love subbing rice for this protein superfood.

3. Butternut Square Au Gratin: such a rich and creamy fall vegetable. We've never had a recipe like this at the Rutledge household. Could be a game changer. Look at those buttery layers of goodness. 

Man, this is a close one and I only have a day to decide. My inner Martha Stewart is depending on you guys - I need your help!! Cast your comment and help me decide which side dish I will over eat this Thanksgiving. 

What would you choose????

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