November 05, 2012

i just want to chill out

Merrick Jewels Spring lovelies at FIG Market

horn bangles, coral, turquoise - can't stay away from these combos

October kicked my butt and I am officially ready to chill out. Field hockey games, TX/OU, 5 year anniversary (yowza), trunk shows, lost my furry friend Bowie, and FIG market really did me in. I'm pooped. 

Although a lot of work, market was great and I picked up a lot of amazing new stores! Merrick Jewels is coming to Kicks/Menlo Park, CA - The Alley/Boerne, TX - Meadow/San Antonio, TX - and Never Enough/St. Louis, MO. Love my new stores and I can't wait to send them new pieces for Spring '13. 

But seriously, I'm ready to chill out - like watching Bravo all day, organizing my nail polish, and starting DIY projects I won't finish kinda chill out. That sounds like a good time.

Another way I'd like to chill out is with some normal fall weather. Can a girl get a nice cool breeze so she won't be sweating in her riding boots?? Geez Texas, give the hot weather a rest. (I say that now, talk to me again when I'm coaching soccer in the middle of January during a very Texas arctic freeze where I can't feel any of my extremities and I will be begging for 80 degrees). I mean come on I want this...

I know we are all yearning for this mystical fall weather especially since we are already being bombarded with Christmas music?? Yes, I am looking forward to Christmas and have already started brainstorming gifts (because most of them get ordered online anyway and that takes time) but I like Nordstrom's approach to the holidays. Take that retail. 

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Here's to chilling out this week!

P.S. Apparently, it isn't fall until you've had a pumpkin spice latte. As a newbie to coffee drinking I admit I've never had one. (I know, I know, I know... it be cray cray) Is it your favorite fall bev??


  1. You've earned a break! And I'm extremely jealous, I've somehow forgotten what "rest" means. Let's talk soon!

  2. Well, it might not be the rest I have time to take but I'm doing it anyway. :) Are you super busy? Let me know when is a good time to come play and I'll get my calendar out.