November 29, 2012

cool coats

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I'm guilty of waiting till the last minute to think about outerwear. When sales come around at the end of the holiday season and J. Crew coats {my weeeakness} are 40% am I thinking of snatching one up for next year? Nooooo, I'm already on to bikinis. Quoting an SNL skit, "What's up wit dat??" For some silly reason I seem to wait till that random Texas freeze to think about bundling up. Per usual, here I am talking about coats when December is knocking on our door. Granted there have only been a couple of dips in the temps in Texas but they have been enough for me to go searching for a new coverup. The styles above are up for grabs to add to this years arsenal of coats. 

{1&2} Usually I shy away from leather (maybe the Wilson's Leather store scarred me for life), but these versions really get my creativity going. I pulled the trigger last year and purchased this Zara version {2} then returned and now I'm kicking myself. I also love quilted details in a leather coat - a classic detail, very Chanel-y. The key for me is not too many zippers to be confused for a biker gang member but enough to get some street cred. Tough girl. These might be contenders... Trouve Leather jacket and for a different color Neiman Marcus.

{3} Ugh, this leopard coat is divine! Love the way Blair has paired it with hot pink bow flats and a shawl. Here's the drool worthy Emerson Fry version. THAT is heaven people. Maybe I'll try this ASOS version?

{4} The structured coat. This one tricky to find but stunning when you get it right. With the wrong fit they can come of boxy and not flattering but with a properly fitting coat you'd be one modern mama.

{5} Last year my in-laws gifted me this exact coat (similar here) for Christmas and I have loved loved every minute wearing it! Camel is a great transitional color with a lot of ways to mix and match. I also have another short J.Crew peacoat in a chilly watermelon color that I have had from college. Talk about getting your money's worth - that coat is ancient and still a classic. Without these two coats I'd be naked. Not cool.

{6} An enormous shawl as a coat? Genius! Think of all those wool capes that seem a little red riding hood-esque that can be roped in with a belt. I'm especially liking the Aztec print on the one above. 

Hopefully one of these lovely silhouettes can make it into my shopping cart this season. What cool coats are keeping you warm?

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