May 02, 2013

drinks on me

1. Spicy grapefruit margaritas 2. Peach lemonade cooler 3. Spice pineapple cocktail 4. Mango jalapeƱo margaritas 5. Blackberry margarita 6. Monogram swizzle sticks (50 for $44)

Cinco de Mayo (or Drinko de Mayo for some) is this weekend and seeing as I am almost 4 months pregnant (what, what?) I will not be indulging all of these beautiful scrumptious life changing cocktails that I have been hoarding on my pinterest board drinks on me for months. BUT it doesn't mean I need to hold out on you guys! If I were drinking these little beauties would be on my list. I always love a twist on a classic cocktail. Enjoy!

P.S. I have gotten into the habit of "sniffing" my husband's drinks. Am I crazy? I'm sorry smelling a bold red wine is almost as good as drinking it. :) So please let me know if you try any of these drinks. I am drinking vicariously.


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