May 21, 2013

gender reveal

First of all my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, family members, and responders of the Oklahoma tornados. CNN is on in the background as I write this and seeing the devastation just hits you to the core. Prayers for comfort and peace. 

I could not help myself and had to put on a little gender reveal party for the family. What a great excuse to bring out all the china, right??  Hmm, maybe not your typical gender reveal. I think it was exceptionally special because I used a lot of the items I have recently acquired from my grandparent's estate. Being able to use them made me feel their presence {gpa from the big El Fenix in the sky and gma from her hospice bed}. 

Resisting the pink vs. blue theme I decided to go with a gold/black theme that way I could incorporate my gold aves wedding china and the several black trays I have scattered around the house. 

With the set up our family had to pick between a star for a girl and mustache for a boy. I recorded as each family member explained their choice. Some of the reasoning was very convincing!

As you can see, four guesses for boy and one for girl. And it turns out...
We are having a BOY!!! :))))))))))) It's weird how well all knew it. I was even 82% sure it was a boy.

On the dessert table we had lemon bars and gold/chocolate bee cupcakes that my talented sister-in-law made for the occasion. We happened to have saved two vintage gold striped hat boxes from my grandmother's room which made a great backdrop. 

I had such a great time! Shows you don't need to buy tons of new things to throw a good party. Now on to plan the nursery. Yessssss.

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