May 16, 2013

NYC on business

I had intended this post for Monday/Tuesday but with my Gpa's passing on Thursday the El Fenix post seemed more appropriate. Thank you to all of you who took the time to read his story. What a wonderful blessing that you would take the time to celebrate his life/metamorphosis with me. *big hugs* 

Most of last week I was in NYC on biznesss honey with two other jewelry designer friends (Kristin with Sensibly Selfish Jewelry and April with Ferocity Jewelry Designs). Sounds glamorous right? 

We spent our first day scoping out boutiques and eating Italian food. I probably inhaled 2 baskets of bread and oil solo {see above}. The second day we spent strolling the two wholesale shows - The Accessories Show and the ENK show. 
The ENK show was more my speed. Upon walking in you knew you were in the high-priced spread. Recognized a few of our friends - Kayu Designs (which has blown up lately, I believe Nordstrom just picked up her stylish straw clutches with gemstone details), Anna Pellissari, and Sarah Briggs from Dallas. Great mix of designers. 

The third day we spent digging for treasures. Although it was pouring outside the three of us were inside sorting through a warehouse full of beads that looked like it should be on Hoarders. I loved it. I posted a pic of the "chain room" on my facebook page
standing on 2-3 feet of chain
digging for treasures
ambiance at dinner

I had some reservations on signing up to go to New York while 4 months preggo but I am so glad I went and I had such a blasty! Here's to more bizness trips in the future!

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