January 29, 2013

continuing education

If you follow me in Instagram {MerrickJewels} you'll notice that I posted this picture last night from my day long jewelry class extravaganza. This time I'm not the teacher (like my jewelry classes at Safe Haven) but the student. There's something to learning new techniques that is so intimidating at first but invigorating once you dive in and get your feet wet. 

Small business owners and artisans - *note to self*. 

Now I have millions of ideas buzzing around in my head {a creative high}.

While at the University of Texas pursuing my art history degree, my mother insisted that I at least dabble in the jewelry metalworking class in the fine arts department at least while I was there (her knowing that jewelry was on the radar screen but not in the forefront and me thinking I wanted to own my own art gallery like Charolette in SATC...

but in reality I might have ended up like those caddy girls in Bravo's reality show "Gallery Girls" no thanks)...

I passed seeing as I couldn't fit the studio time into my busy junior schedule and focused more on being some frat guy's girlfriend (hehe my husband, Ryan) and attempting not to fail french. Je ne sais quoi... what I was thinking.

Now a bagillion years later here I am kicking myself and wishing I would have taken those classes. But better late than never dad gum it. Who am I kidding, 28 is not late... just seems late in hindsight. The exciting part is that I'm hoping to add some custom Merrick Jewels metal pieces to my designs. And who knows - when someone asks me if I made my WATCH... next time I might be able to say yes. 


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