January 22, 2013

scoring j.crew

Every girl loves to share a new fashion find and scoring a great deal on an item she has been coveting. I just have to share my J.crew finds and deals that I came across this weekend! Beware, girls get excited about sales and clothes and clothes on sale so there are a lot of {!!!} in this post!

I absolutely died over the image above and will get back to its amazingness later in this post.

First of all they are having a 50% additional mark down on sale items making everything extremely affordable (almost stealing) and a great way to inject some color into your wardrobe. Their color combos/shades have been amazing as of late, no? Shopping the sale I came across the cafe capri pants in navy tweed - one pair left which happened to be in my size.

j.crew cafe capri pants in navy tweed - but please buy then in store for extra savings!

I've seen the pattern pants trend prancing around all fall/winter and not knowing quite how to process it I let it pass me by until now.

images from Pinterest

So, the pants were marked from $148 down to $29 and then take an additional 50% off making them $15. I could have a meal that is more expensive than these festive pants so in the cart they went!!

Second item is one that I've been watching online for a while in hopes that its $245 price tag would drop. Seeing as Texas weather is like a a box of chocolates... you never know what you're going to get {har, had}, I've been needing a "inbetweener" coat - a coat that I can wear that's not a long fancy coat and not a tedious ski jacket to go check the mail (zip liner in, put arm in sleeve, fleece liner cinches up near elbows, fishing for lost fleece sleeve... you get the drift), hop over to the grocery store etc. yet still look chic. Enter wintress puffer coat...

While browsing the sale racks in store, I spotted my beloved puffer poofyness in my size. Score! Yet still full price. Not score. Knowing that it was on sale online for $189 + 30% off I asked the attendant if they would honor their online price since they didn't have my size online. She said she would ask the manager. Doesn't hurt to ask right? Fingers crossed, fingers crossed. She comes back and says that he will honor the sale price and then take 50% off because of the in store sale! Whaaaa!?!? I'm in a time warp - it must be Christmas or my birthday or something!??! So, this warm wonderfulness came home with me for under $100. When you put it on it's like a cup of hot chocolate giving you a hug, that good.

My last j.crew score comes from drooling over the first image in this blog on my pinterest. This is fabulous casual yet statement look with all the right elements rolled into one. So I'm going over in my head if I have the ingredients to make this bangin' recipe happen. 

- statement jewels, I happen to know a jewelry designer *wink* {check} would also be great with these earrings or this necklace
- classic denim shirt Ralph Lauren or a lighter chambray color {check}
- bold sunnies {check}
- desolate yet perfect sandy dune with soft cloudless sky... err will work on that
- art nouveau patterned yellow scroll shorts {NEED} 

I have hardly any yellow in my wardrobe so this would be an educated purchase. That legitimizes it right?

Scouring online, looking in stores... they are nowhere to be found. Finally, I called up ole j.crew - maybe Jenna Lyons would answer? and asked for a nationwide product search. Apparently they are sold out online but haven't hit all stores yet so there's a good chance I could snag up my size? J.crew emails you when they find the item you have requested and 12 measly hours later they found my size and have shipped the shorts. Hooray! Get ready for these shorts this spring/summer people. It's going to be awesome. 

Moral of the story/blog... ask and you just might receive, seek/search the vast inventory of j.crew and you might just find a sold out item, knock on door of a j.crew store and check out their 50% off sale! :)

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  1. I am so jealous of you because i have ALSO had my eye on this coat FOREVER and I cant believe you got it for under 100! Its not even online anymore :( may have to take a trip to Jcrew today and see if I can get lucky!