January 17, 2013

DIY entry makeover

Everyone knows that the foyer or entryway sets the tone for the impression of the house. It's the introduction to the book, appetizer to the main course, the previews before the main feature. These pics (plus a handful more) have been lingering around my Pinterest for a while.  Taunting me... yeah, you know you like the way we look. Think about how good you'd feel walking around in this space. Mhmm. Right now our entry way is incredibly small and incredibly depressing. If my husband thinks it lacks a sense of style we know we're in trouble and something needs to change ASAP. Granted it's not totally offensive but with the upgrading of the rest of the house this is a place where it's time to have some fun (wide bold stripes, animal print, chevron floor - you get the gist). Sooo, outdoor slate tile and textured walls - see you on the flip side. 

womp, womp, wooommmp

Here's my plan. Husband doesn't take me seriously on these projects until it gets real and I actually break something and he has to fix it. Ok, and I help big time, don't feel sorry for him. :) One day during our Christmas break I just couldn't stand the sight of that little black textured hole of despair and had to do something, fast. Rman was watching a movie so I knew I had to take it into my own hands. "I'm going to just start taking off the trim in the foyer, mkay?" He might have just been dismissing me so I wouldn't keep interrupting the long dramatic scenes in Lawrence of Arabia but he answered a hesitant OK back. 

The verbal seal of approval, it's show time! BANG, BANG, BANG... I'm attacking the molding and baseboards like it's my job. Besides I'm a pro - I watch HGTV and DIY network all the time. Expert status people. Husband saunters in later and seems to approve. And having nightmares about the last time I tried to take the texture off of our guest bathroom with basically a tiny scraper and mostly my fingernail, it sucked away days of my life but I'd tell you it was worth it, needless to Rman is always looking for a more effective method to "get er done". Engineer stuff. He busts out a heat gun and we watch the texture plus two layers of teal floral wall paper peel away. 

that's one good man right there, key to my heart

It's still going to be a process to melt off the texture on the entire entryway of doom but again I'll tell you it's going to be worth it. It's kinda like what my mother tells me about having a baby (no experience here) that when you're doing it it hurts like hell but after you forget all about the pain and enjoy the end product and would even possibly think about doing it again and you think that you're losing it. I'm on my second texture scraping baby. I'm registering for a bottle of wine, massage for the tired shoulders, and maybe even a manicure that I'll never get. I've got working hands. 

Next comes the power tools. Rman's specialty. 

floor be gone - word to the wise don't put that cheap natural stone down in your house, it's impossible to sweep and mop

I found these wonderful 24 x 12 in. tiles at Lowe's and I'm hesitant to tell you guys because I want them ALL for my house. They are ceramic tiles that look like natural limestone and so inexpensive ($2.00 a tile I believe). I think it cost me $90 in tile for the whole foyer. These tiles are smooth (prime for the sweeping) and timeless. We put them in a subway pattern. 

dry run

 measuring it up

voila! beautiful museum style floors - I love

Here's what I envision for the walls. The entryway leads into our formal living room which is Sherwin Williams collonade gray so I would carry the gray into the foyer with a bold wide horizontal stripe. Now I can't decide if the other strip color should be white or a darker gray. This is open for discussion. Thoughts?

also love the look of a gallery wall on a wide striped wall, adds some interest

with a more modern sleek lighting fixture

or I could always go bling :)

The point for this renovation is to make the entryway have more visual appeal with inexpensive upgrades. I'm not sure how long we are going to be in this house so I wanted to choose things that I would enjoy in the meantime and not scare and actually attract potential buyers for the future. 

What do you think of this renovation?

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