January 07, 2013

drooling over Downton

Growing up as child sheltered from all the wonderfulness that is cable TV (shakes fist at parental units and asks why, why, WHY?!?! {in jest, mom, in jest}), I was stuck with about eight watchable channels in the north Texas area. In my middle school years, my shows ranged from Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Step by Step, Sister/Sister, Boy Meets World... you get the drift or maybe you don't because you were watching the Nickelodeon channel and knew what MTV was when it was actually playing music videos (why, why, WHY!?!?). Tragedy. Well, when there weren't any good shows on guess what... I'd have to drift over to the educational channel, 13/PBS, and watch british comedies. Either that or infomercials on a new Boflex. Now it's time to feel sorry for me.

My parents boiled over laughing at shows like Faulty Towers, Are you Being Served?, Keeping up with Appearances, and of course Mr. Bean. Let me go off on a tangent for a second and tell you this about Mr. Bean. One would think that when becoming Mrs. Bean and having a real life Mr. Bean my Mr. Bean would love Rowan Atkinson's simple minded character. Exhibit A:

However, as we have come to conclusion by many tries is that my Mr. Bean is NOT a fan of Mr. Bean. So don't ask. :) 

Anyway, having being brought up on british comedies being a fan of Downton Abbey is a given. With the premier last night, we were glued to the TV in anticipation of the fashion, relationship toils, and drama galore. I do have to say that I believe that Shirley MacClain's outfits really brought it and even out shined the ever popular Countess of Grantham, Dame Maggie Smith. I do love her one line zingers... "What is a weekend?"

see what I mean...

love Lady Mary's headpiece for her wedding

and of course the beautiful grounds

Do you watch Downton Abbey? What did you think of the premier?

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