January 03, 2013

new pieces, new projects, new priorities

Wow, now that was a great staycation. I was MIA for what seemed to be weeks with no posts and hardly any activity in the studio. Once you put the guilt aside (I could be doing this, I should be doing that), taking a break from the daily grind is so beneficial - a great way to clear and rest the mind for more creativity to flow. I'm ready to work with a new palette of colors and materials. Yipeee! I was also ecstatic to see a full page spread 360 West Magazine  of our vintage chain and malachite bib necklace. So very rich.

As most of you experienced, we had a white Christmas in north Texas! I am always in awe of how this manages to happen what seems like every Christmas despite our very warm beginning to the winter season. Santa, is that you? The snow flurries were beautiful. Our relatives from Nebraska were expecting a break from snow but I believe they brought it with them.

For New Years Eve we did something that we have never done before and I'm in love, we stayed in. It was so amazing. We ordered some of my favorite take-out from the Chinese food restaurant in a gas station (don't judge, it gets great reviews on urbanspoon and I haven't died yet :), plus have any of you been to Chef's Pointe? I guess that's just how we do here in Texas) popped a bottle of bubbly at midnight and watched a marathon of our new favorite show till 2am. Completely blissful. And to boot I got up the next morning before 10am and ran 7 miles for my half-marathon training. This just does not happen people.

I'm very eager to see what 2013 will bring my business, family, and friends. Cheers.

Oh, and how could I forget! What's time off without starting another house project?? Some would argue otherwise... :) What is that I see?? A foyer reno?? Stay tuned for inspiration photos that caused this mess.

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